Japanese green patinated vase by Hasuda Shugoro

Japanese green patinated vase by Hasuda Shugoro. [ with oroginal tomobako box ]

Size: 12¾ inches [ 32.5 cm ] high by 4½ x 4½ inches [ 12x12cm ] at base.

Recipient of Order of Cultural Merits (1991)


Hasuda Shugoro born in Kanazawa in 1915-2010. 

Born in Kanazawa City. He studied at Ishikawa Prefectural Industrial School (department of design and painting) and graduated from Tokyo School of Art (department of crafts,chukin section). First award at the 5th Nitten in 1949. Hokuto Award in 1953. He participated in founding the Creative Crafts Associtaiton in 1952, and the Japan Modern Craftsmen's Association in 1961. He founded the Japan Metal Sculpture Institute in 1976. Person of Cultural Merits in 1987. Lives in Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Fleeing from the old conventional foundry. 

Hasuda Shugoro founded "Kogei Shinjin Sha" (New Craftsman Company) with his associates while studying at Tokyo School of Art. After graduation, he became apprenticed to Takamura Toyochika, a chukin craftsman, and was active at the Real Crafts Art Exhibition and others. 

After World War Two, he took the initiative in modernizing metalwork, by developing the techniques of decorating architectural space with panels of bronze and white copper reliefs. Then, Hasuda actively combined metalwork with sculpture and expanded the traditional metalwork crafts from small life space to urban space. 

To exhibit these works, he founded the Metalwork Sculpture Artist Exhibition, and made "Shima no Kakehashi" (Bridge to the Four Islands) at Cape Nosappu in Hokkaido. Recently, he is working hard on the realization and expansion of the Japanese-German relationship centered on the Metal Sculpture Artist Exhibition  SOLD