Edric van Vredenburgh

furniture, objects & paintings

Variously described as "a dealer of the old school" and "ahead of his time,' Edric van Vredenburgh is hard to pigeonhole. Established in the antiques and fine art business for over forty years, displaying an eye acknowledged by his peers as exceptional, van Vredenburgh remains an individualist in his personality and approach to business.
He was a regular exhibitor at antiques fairs in London and the USA, each year producing stands that captivate and excite visitors with his style, flair and talent for the unexpected.

Eclectic in his taste, with a passion for detail, Edric van Vredenburgh acts as an agent on behalf of private clients purchasing commissioned for works of art and antiques, he also deals in pieces that he finds and buys on his "shopping" trips around the world. In the advisory capacity Van Vredenburgh not only guides his international clients on their purchase of antiques and fine art, but also consults on the interior decoration of their homes.

Combining the contemporary with antiques, in a style that appropriately reflects modern day living, is an area of particular interest and skill. His design style takes the whimsical and the witty, the classical and the modem, and effortlessly combines them in a way that is unpretentious and always elegant.

His own home is an "Aladdin's Cave" of personal collections and objects from many sources, put together over a lifetime of collecting. Delicate oriental ivory sits with 17th century furniture, 18th century Venetian mirrors and 1611 century gilded wood frames juxtapose with ironwork screens and share space with African chairs. The attention to detail is exceptional, as rare wood finishes nestle with brushed steel, and cupboards open to reveal his personally hand. As he picked, and loved collection of porcini mushrooms. Texture is always apparent and always at the fore of his design approach.

Of Dutch American decent, Edric began his passion for collecting at an early age. Now in his sixties, he joined the antiques business at the age of seventeen, following in the footsteps of his father, a well known dealer. Since leaving London in 2006 after deciding to reinvent himself spending his time between Europe and South America he has traveled extensively looking for objects for his own collection and for clients. Nowadays he does not hold the stock of the past but is always on the lookout and finds art for clients.

Edric Van Vredenburgh